The Challenge

The Ethical Living Challenge (ELC) is about learning how to live more ethically in the world by treading lightly and causing the least harm possible. This means revealing the truth behind what we purchase, understanding how what we do today affects how we live tomorrow, and taking action on global issues.

Our purchases and actions often have horrific effects around the world - they can fuel slavery, keep people in poverty, deny workers their rights, and destroy the environment.

Ethical living is about ensuring your day-to-day decisions don't contribute to these things. ELC aims to create a generation of ethical leaders who are aware of the issues and know how to make the right choices. It's not necessarily about radically changing your habits - it's about knowing how to make change step by step. Read on for more information.

How it works

When you sign up below, a daily e-mail will be sent to you for the next 21 days. It will have a different theme each day - everything from the ethics of chocolate to the fashion industry to overseas travel. You'll learn a bit about the topic, then you'll be given an optional daily challenge which might be writing a letter to a politician, calculating your slavery footprint or talking to your favourite cafe about Fair Trade.

Each e-mail will give you the tools and knowledge for you to start - or continue - your ethical living journey and create change after the challenge finishes. It's up to you how much time you dedicate to the challenge and how you'll make a difference. We recommend saving the e-mails to come back to at a later stage, too. Be sure to read our FAQs page and get in touch if you have any questions or would like to get more involved.

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Meet the team

Emma Crane
Founder and Director
Emma is a 21 year-old student at the University of Melbourne. Brought up on the beaches of Perth, she loves to travel, cook, learn, and be an advocate for human rights and sustainability. She has campaigned for the rights of children, refugees and Aboriginal Australians as a UNICEF Young Ambassador, lobbied MPs in Canberra, fundraised for charities, set up a social justice committee, and has helped make her school, college, and suburb Fair Trade Communities. With a love for public speaking and writing, Emma hopes that she can inspire and encourage a generation of young people to continue fighting for justice.
Tamlyn Rudolph
Ethical Switch
Tamlyn is the founder of Ethical Switch, a social enterprise which sources ethical products and arranges deals for consumers to switch loyalty, raising money for not-for-profits in the process. She has a passion for social enterprises and has also co-founded Malawi based initiatives that empower women through agriculture and business. Based in Fitzroy, Melbourne she loves great coffee and innovative ideas. Tamlyn's love of collaboration with new initiatives has led her to partner with Emma in creating the inspiring and informative Ethical Living Challenge.

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