Whether you're an individual, business or organisation, we would love to work with you. There are many ways you can get more involved in the Ethical Living Challenge - read on for more information.


We're always searching for ambassadors around the world for ELC. An ambassador is someone who engages and inspires people in their local area to take part in the challenge and join the ethical living movement. This involves encouraging and talking to people who are also doing the challenge, and also engaging the wider community - talking to local papers and other media outlets, contacting schools and universities, writing blog posts and trying to spread the world about the challenge and about ethical living. Ambassadors will be guided through the process and provided with resources along the way. Positions are open to anybody around the world of any age.

To apply to be an ambassador please contact Emma on


ELC partners with a range of businesses for promotional and financial purposes. If you're a business looking for partnership or sponsorship opportunities, we would be delighted to discuss this with you further. ELC also features ethical and Fair Trade businesses in the 21 days of e-mails and on social media as case studies and examples. If you would like to be featured, please get in touch with Emma.

For all business and sponsorship enquiries please contact Emma on


We love to connect with organisations! Whether you're a community group, youth council, educational institution or any other organisation, please feel free to get in touch. Where possible in Australia, we will be happy to give presentations or meet with your group personally. Please contact Emma on

Media enquiries

For all media enquiries please contact Emma on